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Hot Stones Massage

















Treatment Description


The body is vigorously brushed using a brush with bristles made from natural plant fibres to remove dry cells to soften the skin and to enhance product absorption. Oil is then applied and massage is carried out.


The stones are warmed between 45'c to 55'c. Placement stones are placed on points around the body before massage with warm stones begin. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscle layers, aiding in the release of tension and knots. A deep pressure is applied during a hot stone massage.


A mini facial and scalp massage are carried out using stones completes the treatment.



NYR Products Used in Treatment.


'Grapeseed Oil' - Nourishes the skin; high in antioxidants and omega 6. Suitable for sensitive, problematic or delicate skin types. Suitable for nut allergies.


'Soothing Massage Oil' - Soothes and calms while nourishes the skin. Contains NUTS. Contains lavender, bergamot and geranium essential oils.


'Organic Eye Make-Up Remover' – Soothing; hydrating; gently removes make-up; oil free.


'Rehydrating Rose Toner' – Refreshes and rehydrates; cools, cleanses.


'Wild Rose Beauty Balm' – Multi-purpose. Can be used a: cleanser;a gentle exfoliator; mask; tame eyebrows; used on dry patches such as elbows and heels; lip balm; nail balm.


'Rose Facial Oil' – Deeply nourishing; soothes; balances; improves skin's natural radiance.


'Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish' – Exfoliates; soothes; cleanse.


'Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture' – Light; easily absorbed; high in antioxidants.


'Frankincense Hydrating Cream' – Anti-ageing; rich in antioxidants; firming; reduces fine lines; used day or night. Contains NUTS.





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