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Oncology Treatments -

for Cancer and Tumours Patients

Unique treatments for those living with, or who have previously had, cancer or tumours.

I wanted to become qualified in Oncology massage and facials, as people are often turned away from spas and salons if they have been diagnosed and are receiving treatment. This is because cancer and tumours are seen as a major contraindication (something that affects the ability of a treatment being carried out). Therefore I wanted to become qualified to be able to offer relaxation and pampering to all. 

These oncology treatments have been designed using safe techniques and products for those at any stage of cancer, and those currently receiving treatment. Each oncology treatment is easy to be adaptable to suit individual needs. This amazing company I trained with is known as 'Jennifer Young - Beauty Despite Cancer'.


Jennifer Young (BSc Hons in Biology, a Microbiologist, and a member of the Royal Society of Medicine), along with medical and scientific research help, specifically designed massage, facials, and skincare products for those living with cancer/turmours, and I am proud to say that I am qualified to carry these out.

For more information about Jennifer Young herself, follow the link here.

For more information, advice, natural skincare and products from 'Jennifer Young - Beauty Despite Cancer', please follow the link here.

Oncology Massage and Facials:

*Please note, a medical consent form maybe required which I will give prior to treatment to be signed*


Back Massage – 30 minutes - £20  or  45 minutes - £25

Focuses on the back, neck and shoulders.

Full Body Massage – 60 minutes - £35

Includes back, legs, feet, arms and hands.

Hand and Arm Massage – 20 minutes - £10

Foot and Lower leg Massage – 25 minutes - £15

Rejuvenating Facial:

Includes face, neck and head massage.

Express Facial - 30 minutes  - £15

Full Facial - 60 minutes - £30

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