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Manicure / Pedicure











Treatment Description


'Bee Lovely Hand Wash' is used to cleanse the hands / feet before 'Frankincense and Mandarin Body Polish' is used to soften hands / feet before nail maintenance. Feet are also rasped to aid removal of built up skin on heel and toes.

Massage is performed on lower arms and hands / lower leg and feet using 'Frankincense and Mandarin Body Lotion'.


You can choose either basic paint, French or a simple nail buff.


Nail maintenance includes: cuticle tidying; removal of hang-nails; filling / clipping; shaping.


NYR Products Used in Treatment


'Bee Lovely Hand Wash' – Moistures and cleanses. Contains honey, mandarin and orange peel oil.


'Frankincense and Mandarin Body Polish' – Rejuvenates; deep-cleansing; tones; Frankincense is anti-ageing.


'Frankincense and Mandarin Body Lotion' – Smoothes; rejuvenates; nourishes. Contains NUTS.


'Wild Rose Beauty Balm' – Multi-purpose. Can be used a: cleanser;a gentle exfoliator; mask; tame eyebrows; used on dry patches such as elbows and heels; lip balm; nail balm.

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