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Wild Rose Facial


The NYR products I use in this facial are a personal favourite of mine. My skin is sensitive and is hormonal (meaning prone to breakouts). I find the rose range works wonders on my skin, by reducing breakouts while leaving my face smooth. The NYR rose range be used for all skin types, and so is a common favourite. The rose and plant oils in these products help to deeply nourish and rehydrate the skin, and even reduce fine lines. This treatment can be tailoured by incorporating various products to best suit your skins needs.





























Treatment Description


To begin, a rose make-up remover is applied to make-up and everyday grime. A facial wash is then used before a cleanser. Facial oil is then applied onto the face and neckline so that a shoulder, neck and facial massage can be carried out. After this, the rose exfoliator is then applied before the 'Wild Rose Beauty Balm' is used as a mask. While the mask is on, a scalp massage is performed. The mask is then removed before appropriate moisturiser is applied.



NYR Products Used in Treatment


'Organic Eye Make-Up Remover' – Soothing; hydrating; gently removes make-up; oil free.


'Rose Facial Wash' – Soothing; contains Aloe Vera and contains NUTS.


'Rehydrating Rose Toner' – Refreshes and rehydrates; cools, cleanses.


'Wild Rose Beauty Balm' – Multi-purpose. Can be used a: cleanser;a gentle exfoliator; mask; tame eyebrows; used on dry patches such as elbows and heels; lip balm; nail balm.


'Rose Facial Oil' – Deeply nourishing; soothes; balances; improves skin's natural radiance.


'Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish' – Exfoliates; soothes; cleanse.


'White Tea Toning Eye Gel' – Helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.


'Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture' – Light; easily absorbed; high in antioxidants.


'Frankincense Hydrating Cream' – Anti-ageing; rich in antioxidants; firming; reduces fine lines; used day or night. Contains NUTS.




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